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On average, the network can manage 15 transactions per second, far less than centralized payment networks, such as Visa, or even other decentralized blockchain networks. Although Ethereum Classic has had software upgrades, its payment system scalability remains to be one of its most challenging struggles going forward, thus, its use cases remain limited. After the DAO hack, it was split from the Ethereum blockchain in July 2016 via a hard fork. Events like news, partnerships, new listings on exchanges, adoption by companies or users, upgrades and updates, and dev team activity can affect the price of ETC and other cryptos. The lack of these developments can also affect the price, usually pushing it downwards as sentiment around the project becomes negative.

Since a new set of rules is implemented meaning that the new chain, and its users , are, in effect, cut off from the original chain. Ethereum Classic traded at $0.98 when it was created and launched to the market in June 2016. Its price then touched an all-time low in July, dipping to $0.61. ETC price went on to increase by nearly 3000% after hitting its ATL. In August of the same year, Ethereum Classic price broke the psychological level of $1 for the first time and traded at $1.79.

Timeline on its past performance, it is an exciting crypto asset to trade if you wish to diversify your portfolio. A few minutes after your trade goes through successfully, your trading account will be funded with the new Ethereum Classic coins you have purchased. You can choose to hold them on KuCoin, or you can transfer them to your external wallet for additional security.

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The ETC average price is expected to reach minimum and maximum prices of $55.85 and $63.97 respectively. Considering current bearish trend in Ethereum Classic price movements, it is expected the cryptocurrency will continue meeting price decline. Please, invest wisely and don’t forget to DYOR when investing in any type of asset. Having analyzed Ethereum Classic prices, cryptocurrency experts expect that the ETC rate might reach a maximum of $27.62 in September 2023. For September 2023, the forecasted average of Ethereum Classic is nearly $25.38.

Ethereum Classic Stats

Ethereum Classic price went through a rebound in April, recording 51% gains and a new monthly high at $22. Until December 2018, ETC price traded between lows of $9 and highs of $20, before sinking to $4 at the end of the year. The current circulating supply for Ethereum Classic is 139,797,976 ETC. Ethereum Classic ETC currently has a market cap of $2,649,470,056. In the last 24 hours, the price of Ethereum Classic has changed by 3.36%. To view the price of Ethereum Classic in the currency of your choice, select a base currency at the top of the page.

With a circulating supply of 132,826,796 ETC and a maximum supply of 210,700,000 ETC, Ethereum Classic’s fully diluted market cap stands at –. The Ethereum Classic price is different from the non-Ethereum Classic blockchain, simply named EThereum. Classic Ethereum can be bought with fiat currencies and can run decentralized applications. This hard fork is a noteworthy one, and it has re-shaped this Ethereum blockchain as a result.

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The creation of Ethereum Classic sparked debate within Ethereum’s development community, as it was developed in reaction to a massive DAO hack of the main Ethereum network. The DAO raised $150 million in ETH as an Ethereum-based venture fund in an Initial Coin Offering in April 2016. However, in June, an attacker exploited a bug in the DAO’s smart contracts and stole 3.6 million ETH.

  • It has limitations when it comes to scalability, and the network can only handle 15 transactions per second.
  • This technique studies the overall sentiment in the market, revealing how investors and traders feel about certain crypto.
  • Its appeal was to those who disagreed with the response Ethereum took to the attack; however, this legacy network, over time, has gained a larger fan base with major investors.

Instead, it was created due to a changing Ethereum landscape that birthed two independent blockchains. ETC anchors the mining economy of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. The network rewards miners with WAVES ETC whenever they add a block of transactions to the blockchain. Here’s the story, the code would edit Etheruem’s transaction history and return the cryptocurrency Ether to the people that lost the funds in “the DAO” situation.

On the same day the network deployed the Gotham update, the ETC emission reduction protocol implemented the first block reward slash. As a result, the block reward awarded to miners was reduced from 5 ETC to 4 ETC. The emission rate is designed to shrink over time in the hopes that its supply will gradually fall below the demand and boost the token’s value.


It didn’t manage to regain $9 during that period and mostly etherium classic priced at the lower end of $3 to $4. How do Ethereum Classic price movements correlate with market trends? Check our comprehensive cryptocurrency price page for information at a glance. Deposit crypto to our exchange and trade with deep liquidity and low fees. Most Ethereum users moved on to the new hard fork, leaving Ethereum Classic with a significantly smaller community. Ethereum Classic differs from Ethereum in terms of its monetary policy, as described above, as well as in its commitment to the algorithm proof-of-work for securing its blockchain.

What is the fully diluted valuation of Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The DAO was supposed to allow participants to pool capital and jointly decide on the projects they MATIC would invest in. After the hard fork, the old Ethereum chain was supposed to be phased out but instead, those who disagreed with the fork kept the network alive. This led to the genesis of Ethereum Classic, with ETC as its native token.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic Down More Than 5% Within 24 … – Benzinga

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic Down More Than 5% Within 24 ….

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Like etherium classic price, Ethereum Classic is a decentralized computing network that supports smart contracts-essentially computer programs-that can automatically execute when certain conditions are met. Ethereum Classic aims to uphold Ethereum’s original, unaltered code while the main Ethereum project continues to evolve. ETC, the native coin of Ethereum Classic, is used to pay for using its computational resources. As in Ethereum, one needs to pay gas fees for the execution of smart contract functions and coin transactions.

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