How To Use ADP RUN: A Payroll Tutorial in 7 Simple Steps

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A company requires that charge elements with 100% completion must have a Rework Code. If a transaction has no Rework Code and has 100% completion, a Timecard Check rule will prevent the timecard from being signed. The Sign Check Ruleset will check the day, week, or pay period being signed for any hours exceptions. Use the “exception” feature to find and fix missed punches without having to review each timecard.

What does exceptions mean on my timecard?

A timecard exception is generated when a processed time pair that does not meet certain expectations or requirements. Although some exceptions may be minor and have little or no effect on timecard processing, many exceptions are more serious and must be resolved by a manager or practitioner before payroll can be run.

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Timekeeper Manage Timesheet Exceptions

The time card can still be approved if this exception is not resolved. An example of an informational exception would be if an employee clocked in at an unauthorized badge reader. A complete and impactful labor management approach needs to take into account both employer and employee requirements. When team members feel engaged and appreciated at work, they’re more likely to stick around and deliver great service. All that adds up to higher productivity, reduced turnover, a better customer experience, and bottom-line results. Workforce management technology helps retailers control labor costs and manage compliance while streamlining time-consuming, error-prone processes.

The card cannot be approved until this exception has been resolved. An example of a critical exception is “An Odd Clocking was detected”. When it comes to setting up an account, ADP RUN shines compared to other payroll services because it does the setup for you. First, you’ll call ADP and arrange to talk to a sales representative, who will discuss your needs and help you select the best plan, plus any add-ons, like time tracking software. They will ask about your accounting software, in case you need integrations. Getting started with ADP RUN is as easy as setting up an account and having your employees’ information handy.

Checking if the site connection is secure

When they punch out, you can even inquire whether they were given a mask to wear or if their temperature was taken at the start of their shift. Responses can be used to evaluate whether proper protocols are being followed to protect your team members — and your customers. Before joining Kronos, she managed retail operations and the workforce management strategy for a global retailer.

The Resolving Timecard Exceptions Overviewcard Check Rules Operand topic explains the various operands that are used to make these rules. The ruleset shown below gives examples of some of these rules. To use this feature, you must define your Timecard Check Rulesets and assign them to the appropriate Sign Policies. — The employee did not meet the set of conditions required to meet prior to a holiday to be eligible for holiday credits. — An unusually long time between an in-punch and an out-punch.

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